Legal Jams: Rapping About Legal Issues


Hey, hey, listen up, let me lay down the law,

It’s time to talk about legal issues you never saw!

From profit sharing rules and regulations, to laws for students with disabilities,

There’s a lot to learn about, so get your faculties.

Don’t forget about no-poaching agreements and their enforceability,

Or the legal responsibilities for garden fences, it’s all just liabilities.

Need some help organizing documents? I’ve got just the thing,

Check out these classification folders with 2 dividers, legal size, ain’t that a bling?

And if you’re in Concord, NC, looking for some legal aid,

Cooper Legal Firm is where you should upgrade.

But wait, there’s more, let’s talk about tires and rocket propulsion,

Street legal race tires and the laws of motion in rocket propulsion are causing a commotion!

Don’t forget to research lift kits and their legality,

And if you’re in Argentina, make sure to know all about the bozal legal en Argentina, it’s about your reality.

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