Rap Legal: Nanny Contractors, NHL Stick Rules, and More


Yo, listen up, I got the legal scoop

If you need a nanny, better stay in the loop

Check out the independent contractor nanny guide

Make sure you’re all set, no need to hide

Next up, we got the NHL stick curve

It ain’t no joke, it’s a real nerve

Learn about the nhl stick curve rule

So your game is tight, and you’re no fool

For all my lawyers out there, listen up

Keep it ethical, don’t be a corrupt pup

Read up on the aba ethical rules

So you can shine bright, just like jewels

Looking for a job at AutoZone, huh?

Make sure you meet the autozone employment requirements

Get your resume ready, no time to bluff

For all the folks in Atlanta town

Get the best help, don’t be a clown

Check out atlanta legal services inc

So your legal troubles won’t weigh you down

Now for my international peeps, listen here

Don’t get caught, be smart, have no fear

Know the panama requirements for your biz

So you can run smooth, like a well-oiled gear

Maine in the house, ready to buy and sell?

Get the lowdown on the maine purchase and sale agreement 2022

Don’t get stuck, don’t be unwell

Canada’s got new gun laws, let’s stay in the know

Check out the new gun laws in canada 2022

So you don’t end up in a legal row

Finally, hit up the beach in Mission Bay

But be sure to follow the mission bay beach rules as you play

Stay safe and have fun, don’t go astray

That’s all for now, legal peeps

Stay informed, don’t go to sleep

Keep it real, follow the law, don’t creep

Until next time, this is Rap Legal, take a leap!

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