Rap Style Article


Legal Affairs and Contracts: A Rap Style Article

Yo, let’s talk about some legal affairs,

From Kansas pet laws to legal affairs in Africa, we got the snares,

Salary cap rules and security deposits too,

Google Drive service and car sales, what’s the brew?

Salary cap rules got us in a twist,

While returning security deposits is what we enlist,

Don’t forget the Google Drive service agreement, a crucial play,

And the draft agreement for sale of car, what do you say?

When it comes to UAW contract expiration, we need a plan,

And applying for a phone contract online, like a fan,

What’s the example of debt agreement, let’s take a look,

And the MN weed legalization in 2023, we got it in our book.

Legal affairs and contracts, they say it’s a bore,

But with the right guidance, we can soar.

So take heed and understand your rights,

Legal knowledge is your power, it ignites.

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